Water Damaged Carpet Simple Ways to Restore

Water Damaged

Easy Methods to Restore Water Damaged Carpet

Carpets make a home appear beautiful and neat, especially if the coloring of the carpet is eye-catching or attractive to the eyes. So when carpets become wet and water damaged, expect some immediate heavy cleaning to do or the carpet may become a source of health issues for the family.

Wet carpet may bring in moulds, mildew, fungi and other bacteria that are harmful to humans. Immediate cleaning and restoration is upmost important to prevent the possible occurrence of diseases.

Prior to carrying out any restoration work; make an assessment and decide whether the water damaged carpet has been soaked with clean or dirty water.

If soaked with clean or sanitary water, extract the water immediately from the water damaged carpets and dry within 12 hours. The wet carpet will benefit a disinfectant treatment to help prevent from moulds, mildew and other bacteria formation.

Wet carpet needs to be elevated and aired in an area with plenty of ventilation. To speed up the drying process, use fans and heaters.

In the event that the carpet is wet with either dirty or unsanitary water. Such as water coming from toilets, dishwashers or other unclean sources; damaged carpets will require disposal for health reasons.

Several carpet manufacturers do not replace carpets that have been damaged by flooding.

If you prefer not to discard the soiled carpets, since it has a sentimental or monetary value to you, you may restore the damaged carpets. However you should put on protective gears such as gloves and boots before cleaning it.

Wet carpet should firstly be treated with disinfectants fending off any bacteria, before extracting the water. The padding underneath the damaged carpets will require removal and disposal too. The padding is best to be replaced with a new one since it is less expensive to replace than have it restored.

Following water extraction on wet carpet, place in an area with adequate ventilation to allow to dry. The drying time is determined by both the size of the carpets and the nature of the damage.

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