Flood Auckland Water Damage Restoration

Flood Auckland Restoration


For 24/7 Flood Auckland Emergency Call 0800 783-266flood auckland

– Water Damaged Carpet
– Types of Water Damage

Regardless whether you flood is a leaking basement, a broken pipe, or Mother Nature, accidents do and can happen. When they do, you will need a friend who will be there to help. Fortunately, you know that Flood Auckland Restoration Specialists will be there. Whenever you need a emergency Auckland Flood service day and / or night, Auckland Steam n Dry are available to handle your water emergency quickly and efficiently with our expert crews and state-of-the-art extraction equipment.

There are lots of ways excess water can get into your home, but just one best way to get it out. Contact Auckland Flood Restoration Specialists. We are your top choice for emergency water extraction. Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Services. For the expert smoke damage cleaning removal service, either, phone 0800 110 282 , or email us NZ Steam n Dry. Cleaners

Why Call the Auckland Flood Drying Experts

Auckland Steam n Dry do the following to help you reclaim your home:

  1. Advise you of what to do to help minimize the flood damage; until your Flood Auckland crew arrives.
  2. Truck mount extraction, pressure steam cleaning, ozone generation and thermal fogging for the most effective smoke cleaning and odour removal.
  3. Dispatch certified, trained, and experienced flood damage crews to both your home or business within three hours or less.
  4. Firstly, we pump out all freestanding water quickly. And then Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Services extract water from carpet, underlay, and upholstery.
  5. Uplift and remove the carpet and underlay padding if deemed necessary. We then clean, dry, and reinstall your carpet and underlay; based on the IICRC standards.
  6. Provide professional grade drying equipment for the controlled drying process of your home or building; and its contents. This minimizes the possibility of any secondary damage as well as potential microbial growth that can cause mould.
  7. Use specialized instruments and moisture meters to locate any hidden pockets of water and to monitor the dehumidifier and flood Auckland drying process.
  8. Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Services are insurance company approved so can work directly with your insurance company to process Auckland flood claims; and to get your home and life back to normal, as soon as possible.

  9. Make sure your home and business’s carpet, structure and contents are dry; to both the recommended industry and council standards for your area.
  10. Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Services for over 28 years s servicing Auckland.

Flood Auckland Services has been providing the professional Auckland flood drying services since 1987.

Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Services methods include; drying carpet, flooded basement extraction, dehumidifier hire, air mover carpet dryers and dry cleaning.

This Auckland flood restoration information is from Graeme Stephens; an IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician.   Phone 0800 110 282 , or email us Auckland Steam n Dry.


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