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Flooding Auckland – About Us

About us: Flooding can be a disaster in many situations. with the losses that it brings; making both cleanup and restoration harder. The water damage arising from a flood, can lead to the damage of your home and property. Especially the floor coverings and carpets. Flood Auckland commitment to excellence is what has made us a leader in the Carpet Cleaning industry.

In fact no matter how prepared you are, the situation can quickly get out of control. And, there is not much you can do to reverse about the damage. However, taking immediate action when the flood has passed is best. It is always advised to get professional help for water damage restoration in Auckland, to avoid any further hazards.

Our Approach

First, it begins with the extraction of water using our high-powered truck mounted machines. Sometimes the carpets may need uplifting, and then the underlay removed, cleaned and dried. Second, we then apply a special sanitizing agent to kill mold and bacteria. Honesty, Integrity – and NO hidden charges is the least you can ask from your cleaning professional. Before we start cleaning and restoring, you’ll know exactly what your bill will be.

Flood Auckland has a large quantity of professional dehumidifiers and air drying equipment available to speed up the drying process. Any outwork can be professionally restored at our large drying facilities. We also have qualified carpet layers, who can relay your carpet back to its previous condition.

There is no single procedure for dealing with all flood damage situations. Our technicians evaluate each flood individually. We can efficiently perform the water removal with our truck mounted or portable water extraction machines at affordable rates and we can work with your budget.

aboutOur state of the art equipment, innovation and dedication to your satisfaction; has made Flood Auckland’s top choice for all your cleaning needs. At the first sign of flooding, don’t panic! Call the experts here at Flood Auckland on 09-489-5599.

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